Florida Face-Biting Murder Suspect Has A Trial Date

Austin Harrouff

Photo: CBS 12

A Florida man charged with murdering a couple and eating the man's face has a trial date.

25-year old Austin Harrouff will go to court for a non-jury trial beginning November 28th for the murders of John Stevens and Michelle Mischon.

Police say the man ran off from a dinner out with his family in August of 2016 and attacked the couple in the garage of their Martin County home. The first deputy at the scene found Harrouff eating at the face of Stevens.

There were suspicions that he might have been on bath salts or flakka, but a blood test came back negative for any illegal substances.

Harrouff's mental state has been the focus of several court hearings.

The case made national headlines when Dr. Phil interviewed Harrouff several months after the murders.

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