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Lex Is Even A DICK During Say Your Lines

Lil' Egg Breath Bitch

What's worse, egg breath or coffee breath?

Lex Has A Soft Spot in his Heart for Biskit

As long as the Biskit is Limp I'm cool with it

Will Is Going 2 Have A Suck It Day

Suck it day's are great for Tuesdays

Sarah Had A Road Rage Moment That End In A Funny Moment

Road rage is the best kind of rage

Is Dee Married 2 Katt Williams

Katt 'You shouldn't have been talking bleep' Williams

Sarah & Bumble Has Gotten Back Together

It feels like everyone has a crazy bumble story 

Karen Gave Us The Boot In A Karen Way

How do we feel about Karens?

Lex Just Left Dee Out There All Alone

It's better to be left alone than drinking alone

Blow Out Her Old Ass

Gotta always be careful when blowing stuff out