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A Snackel Box vs A Shacket

Sarah B Got Herself a NEW SET of Chairs

How much is TOO much to spend on a set of chairs?

The Insults Were Flying During Say Your Lines

Lettuce wrapped WHAT?

What! Lex Likes Parades Or Is It The Power of The Poon


Terry Didn't Like Dee & Sarah's Sing Along

What song makes you wanna get shot in the face?

Hmmmm...You Might Not Want 2 Date Lex

What is your dating red flag?

Peer Pressure at its best

We've all got drunk singing videos, no shame in that

Sarah Just Wants 2 Get Away From The Farts

Come for the farts, stay for the reactions

Dee's Jealous of Santa Claus

Wait, Santa isn't real?!?

Dak Prescott & Lex are Both Huge Pussies

Would you ever use anesthesia for something other than surgery?